Thursday, October 1, 2009

Recto National Olympic Team

We all know that its not appropriate to enjoy and be happy at this time of difficulties. But residents in Recto used the flooded area as their place for swimming. In fact they have a team called it "Recto National Olympic Team" and who knows despite from the tragic experienced by the Philippines might be able to discover the next Michael Phelps swimming in a dirty and muddy place. Somehow its a blessing in disguise on what they did. Though if you watch the video its like a normal day for all Filipinos and there is still reasons to smile. Lets not think that everyone is not greatly affected from the devastation. It shows how they overcome everything and willing to rise again from downfall.

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sports medicine nyc said...

This shows their sheer courage of handling things. This is positive way to handle tough times.
Whatever happens, life has to move on.