Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Don't be like a "tarsier".

Owning someone's work is not worth to keep and be proud of. Like what this guy from CDO did to a poor and innocent artist who dedicated more time and effort just to create her very own masterpiece. It's not easy to layout a "tarsier" and it needs skill and extreme talent to made this things possible. So I would rather be empty handed than having a money effortless. Don't be like a "tarsier" who is waiting for someone to feed them or simply means don't wait for someone to work for you on your behalf just to be recognized but instead work by your own and let your passion brings you to fame. ok!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Life Full of Challenges

Doubts CartoonIt is inevitable for us to encounter many challenges, fears, trials and obstacles in life. People who are wealthy didn’t gain their success not just because they belong to a rich clan but their key to success is hard work. They have to work so much in order to come up with desirable results. They have to face problems, overcome trials and fears and resolve them later after thorough analysis. They have also to accept their failures but never stop finding the way to succeed.

Our life is full of crossroads. These are the choices of decisions that they’re going to make. In making decisions, people should take them seriously. Some decisions are in default. Default decision means deciding in a short period of time without thinking what would be the effect of that decision. Some of us use the “coin tossing habit” in order to have its final decision. Thus, it gives choices and equal chances. It is a game of good luck, but it can cause sometimes disasters.

As the saying goes, “We don’t expect not all the time we are sad. It is not all the time there is peace. It is not all the time there is war. It is not all the time that we get perfect of the tests, etc. But, it is not wrong to keep on trying our best in order to attain our goals, for life has its own equilibrium.”
Just remember the world is round and it will not cease rotating and revolving. For me, life is a mysterious gift that the Omnipotent God has given to us. Life is a passion and a hope to everyone who lives righteously with God.

In making a decision, the best way is through careful yet creative thinking. The decision you’ve made can lead to a good solution. It also produces better results. We should think the effect first before making such a decision. On the other hand, some decisions may cause a lot of troubles. For instance, you are a good guy with a lot of friends and almost no enemy. Your close friends have recruited you to join the fraternity. Their motto is all for one and one for all. Now, the question is, are you going to join or not? If I were you, I would not join because fraternities are a menace to society. They cause so much troubles despite the fact that their motto is all for one and one for all. The fraternities bring bad image to society. They bring chaos wherever they go. If you’re going to join, expect the consequences of your actions. So, in general, some wrong decisions are dangerous and can cause violence or chaotic atmosphere to everybody. Challenges, trials and stumbling blocks thrive along the way. We should think the cause and effect and, at the same time, the pros and cons in making such a decision.

Most of us at present face many challenges. We should not take them for granted. We should face and accept them because life is full of challenges. When we have some problems, we should not lose hope instead we should seek ways to solve them. Some people are afraid to face their problems. It’s a wrong notion! We have to face them as part of our lives. We should be strong and ask God when we have problems. Just remember, problems are trials are made by God. Those trials serve us how strong our faith is. Always remember that in every problem there is a solution. It is not at all times the winner wins or the loser loses, for failure is just a part of one’s life.