Sunday, September 27, 2009

Typhoon "Ondoy" hits Philippines caused flood all over Metro Manila.

A six hour heavy rains poured in Metro Manila which causes flood that made the resident vacate and stay at roof top of their houses last Saturday. The government declared state of calamity where lots of people stranded and no food to eat. The typhoon was not bringing strong winds but it gives large volumes of rains that is equivalent for 1 month of non stop raining. You will see pictures below on how much damage caused by typhoon "Ondoy". It was a tragic moment for 75 people were killed and 25 are still missing. Some organizations have already mobilizing their tracks and helicopters to rescue those who were stranded. Well known companies were giving money and food for the victims. International organizations and some Embassy like US and China offers fund almost a 100 thousand dollars for the restorations of the damage infrastructures and casualties.

So for those who are willing to help pls. leave comment and message for us to contact you.

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sports medicine manhattan said...

that's a sad news. people in the city would have faced so much trouble and pain.