Thursday, September 10, 2009

Aquino's Legacy continues

After the death of former President Cory will Noynoy continues the legacy of his parents in defending the country from any political interest? We all know what does his parents did to free the nations from dictatorship of former President Marcos. Going back to the history Ninoy said to his last speech in America that he shall drop the last blood for the restoration of the Philippine democracy. Then it was realized when Ninoy shot before he landed and returned to his native land. Though it was a tragic and painful especially to the family who left behind. But it is an awakening mode for all Filipinos to fight and stop those abusive works of the government. And the late Cory Aquino continued what her husband started and became the first ever woman president .
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These are the moments and highlights why we are having a stable governance today, of course lets owe this one to Ninoy and Cory, they are the icons of democracy . In this coming 2010 election, its time to choose a leader that would unify the two parties from political disputes. A lot of faces reveal from the candidacy but the silent Noynoy was chosen among his countrymen to run for president. It was a big challenge to Noynoy to go for a very big responsibilities. Question since we have already heard him that he is accepting the challenge will he be able to change the view of politics today? Or will he be accepted and be respected from his co politician if ever he will be chosen? The fact is let us give him the chance and Noynoy is just human and sometimes can commit mistakes but as long as he is sincere to serve the nation with trust and loyal then lets give him the way for him to prove it.

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