Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dora got explored?

I think everyone knows about Dora the explorer. A young and cute girl who loves adventure together with her monkey friend. They love to play and explore something and learn with it. Most of the young girls really like Dora as a playful and active girl. But wait things have change , as you have seen the pictures , Dora got explored she has already transform herself from an innocent and lovely cute girl into a very sexy and controversial woman. Well, everything has to go further and I think Dora is now a lady and ready to face another phase on her career. We know that FHM is containing adult articles and images but still this is just for the sake of an art and fashion. Let us accept the fact that Dora has been an icon to all young girls so lets just see things in a very perspective way. lol!


Dora said...

He he

Anonymous said...

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