Friday, September 11, 2009

9/11 memories

world trade center

It's been 8 years already when America bombarded with terrorist attacked. It was on September 11 year 2001 when two Airplanes hit the great Twin Tower in New York and killed almost 3000 innocent people. American together with President Obama commemorates the 9/11 day and one of the highlights of this event is to mention the names of the victims while ringing the bell in giving them due respect and honor. President Obama said that he will not allow again those barbaric acts of Al Qaeda and he will find ways to resolve all of these terrorism activities. It was very sentimental and very dramatic event for the Americans and for those who were involve on the tragic. This is the day to all New Yorkers as what President Obama emphasized since they are greatly affected on the attacks. But then again it was not only addressed only to the Americans but to the whole regions in the world to fight against terrorism and may the 9/11 memories may continue to live until justice is serve.

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Sidney said...

It is terrible what happened... good they remember all the people who died in those towers!