Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mayweather dominating against the numero uno Juan Miguel Marquez

Mayweather and Marquez

After the long awaited fight of the number one versus the numero uno. The undefeated known to be as Floyd "money" Mayweather dominated the fight against the three time world champion Juan Miguel Marquez. On the first round Mayweather took already the advantage, most of his punch were landed on the face of Marquez that made a cut on his right part of his eyebrow. On the second round Marquez was knockdown on a very strong right upper jab of Mayweather. Marquez realeases so many strong punches that made his opponent cover and stay away from it. However it didn't work out for the counter punch executed by Mayweather until the twelve rounds end. So the final decision was unanimous and given it to Floyd Mayweather. He has already got his 40th win after 21 months of retirement. He said the he misses this kind of atmosphere and most likely the talk of the town might be Shane Mosley and Manny Pacquiao to be his next opponent. Indeed, it was a great fight and proven again as one of the best pound for pound boxer.

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