Thursday, August 27, 2009

Which is better social networking Friendster or Facebook?

website informationThis question has already been raised before but I think we need to look at the application inside Friendster as against with facebook. Before I used to have Friendster where I can post my pictures and my profile and create a testimony from loop of friends added to my account. I can also customized my theme in Friendster according to my own choice of colors and images with animations as well. A lot of people really loves something that would express over the internet. But recently we have this what we called Facebook application and why is it become popular today? Prior to this ,lots of applications existed but only two standout and being love by the users namely Friendster before and Facebook just recently. If we compare the two they are just the same both belong to social networking category, both still exists in the internet and both still visited by the users. Some says that Facebook is very corporate and easy to used and lots of applications installed and some says that it is Friendster because of the customize themes. But bottom line is not the two applications count but it shows how people learn and embrace the power of technology.

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