Monday, May 25, 2009

Choosing the BPO Company that Deserves your Talents

computer in PhilippinesBefore applying for a Philippine call center job, it is very important for you to sit down and thoroughly research which employer will certainly fit your job description and is in tuned to your liking.

It will be very degrading on your part to undertake endeavors which you might regret in the end.

It is therefore very important that you take note of these before applying.

Job security and stability. Research carefully the Call Center company that you want to apply to and know its back ground. Check if it is stable and reliable- meaning it could be a big name, a large network and workforce and a stable product / service base. In these times of market uncertainty, it is always best that you choose your company / organization carefully so you’ll not end up in the retrenchment bench in the future. There are many small and medium BPO companies in Philippines today and you do not know how long they are in industry. Look for the employees quantity, the facilities like building and Information Technology equipments. A company that invest so much in the facilities are more likely to stay long.

Your job description counts. It is noteworthy if you’d apply for a position that is your specialization or one that you’re familiar with, in order for you to cope and delegate challenges which you might encounter on the job. If you’re on a job simply because of the money and not for the “essence” of it, will eventually land you failure in the interview, incapacity to cope with the job, boredom or worst you’ll end up getting fired because you’re ineffective with your job.

Know the culture and work environment. Research or ask some if you can, about the company’s work environment and culture. Are your co-workers friendly, hospitable etc. or if the work environment is in you liking. It is very important that you know all these so you’ll prepare in advance how you will deal with the culture and the work environment that you will be working in. Employee squabbles usually end up with resignations and quarrels which is not fruitful for you. Most Filipino workers are friendly because they value their co-workers as family member.

Your future in the company. If you want a company that care about the enhancement of its employees, then look for one that offer enhancing programs such as workshops, seminars and job trainings etc. A company that gives all these certainly cares about the future welfare of its employees. There are some Outbound Telemarketing companies in the Philippines that send its employees abroad for training or orientation with the business products and system.

A well plan selection of the company to work with is not only beneficial in your career growth but also to your family.


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Anonymous said...

Do we still have any choice in choosing which BPO to apply?
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Inigo Ortega said...

Try this Infinit Outsourcing, a Filipino owned BPO company located in Makati, Philippines.