Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Better Features for the New IBC Japan Website

With less flashy graphics and animation, the new IBC Japan website makes business easier through faster user access and optimum vehicle search. Plus, with the improved chat function, you can now chat with your favorite CSC representative anytime.

IBC Japan launched its improved website last June 16, designed to make searching and navigation easier for used car importers. With its simple layout and functional features, the new site allows you to search and import used cars with less difficulty.

Here’s a brief overview on what the new website has got to offer.

Easier Access and Vehicle Search
The new IBC Japan site has less overloading with banners and flash content, thus faster user verification and vehicle search. After a quick log-in, you can go straight to business and search for used cars from auctions in Japan, online auctions and our inventory through the site’s Vehicles menu or quick links.
You can now also enjoy a search field powered by Google, an added feature for faster content searches.

Improved Chat Function
With the permanent chat window, you can now chat with any available CSC representative even without logging in. You also have the option to manage your preferred contacts as favorites upon log in. With IBC Japan’s Favorite Contacts, you can chat with your favored CSC representatives whenever you need Live Help.

IBC Japan serves customers worldwide. Visit the new and improved IBC Japan website at http://www.ibcjapan.co.jp

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Mentor said...

I am excited. The site now is fast and more functional. I believed this is a usedcar dealer in USA too.